Lone man’s struggle



A film about fighter Diogo Silva’s struggle inside and outside the tatamis for medals and a better situation for Brazilian Taekwondo athletes. The movie shows the athlete’s current activities and the path he took in a career full of medals and conflicts with the association that runs the sport in Brazil.

  • GenreBiography / Sports
  • TV Film / Documentary / TV
  • ChannelESPN
  • Year of Production2016

Cast & Crew

  • Cast Diogo Silva
  • Directed by John John Valle
  • Produced by Adilson Xavier, Eduardo Pop e José Henrique Fonseca
  • Executive Producers Flavia Naliato e Camila Cecchi
  • Production Manager Maíra Machado
  • Screenwriters Gabriela Giffoni e John John Valle
  • Music Ernesto Sena, Fabriano Krieger e Lucas Marcier
  • Editing Oliver Juric
  • Cinematography Michel Gomes