Architecture of Color


Documentary feature on the work of Beatriz Milhazes, one of the most important contemporary Brazilian artists. By regarding the artist with an intimate look, revealing her universe and the characters that surround her, the film tackles subjects relating to her career, personality and creative process.

  • GenreBiography / Arts
  • TV Film / Documentary / TV
  • ChannelGNT
  • Year of Production2015

Cast & Crew

  • Cast Beatriz Milhazes, Mario Testino, Charles Watson, Luiz Zerbini, Paulo Herkenhoff, Marcia Milhazes, Benedikt Taschen, Christian Lacroix, Regina Casé, Adriana Varejão, Chico Cunha, Stephen Friedman, Jane Cohan, Sam Keller, Frédéric Paul, Arto Lindsay
  • Directed by José Henrique Fonseca e Priscila Lopes
  • Produced by Eduardo Pop, José Henrique Fonseca e Luiz Noronha
  • Executive Producers Luis Vidal, Mariana Ricciardi, Renata Fraga, Samanta Moraes
  • Project Coordinator Flavia Naliato
  • Production Managers Bruna Inácio, Luana Duque, Mariana Seivalos, Marianna Mariano, Marina Rodrigues, Renata Balthazar
  • Music Dado Villa Lobos
  • Editing Sergio Mekler e Isis Mello
  • Cinematography Manuel Águas