GNT Fashion




Style, culture, attitude. Keeping up with the latest trends is always ‘in', and GNT Fashion features all things 'in'.

  • GenreFashion
  • Series / Reality TV-Documentary / TV
  • ChannelGNT
  • Years of Production2014, 2015 and 2016

Cast & Crew

  • Cast Lilian Pacce e Caio Braz
  • Directed by Joana Cooper
  • Produced by Eduardo Pop
  • Executive Producer Betina Paulon, Camila Cecchi, Tate Abrahão
  • Production Manager Cris Almeida
  • Screenwriter Greice Costa
  • Editing Francisco Costabile e Michele Lemes
  • Music Zezinho Mutarelli
  • Cinematography Bruno Prada, Dado Carlin e Tomaz Viola
  • Costume Designer André Puertas