Although it has been in the market for less than a decade, Zola Films has been responsible for several audiovisual productions in that short period, having performed works such as the series Espinosa (2015) and Lucia McCartney (2016), both for the cable channel GNT, children’s series Valentins (2017), shown by the Gloob channel and the comedy Vai que Cola (2014, 2015), the highest-rated program on Brazilian cable channel screening on Multishow. Zola has been responsible for the series Bom dia, Verônica (2020, 2022), screening on Netflix, a platform present in more than 190 countries. Currently, Zola is developing the series Cenas de Um Crime (2023), which will be released on Paramount+. In total, there are 29 TV series, 2 TV movies and 1 feature film.

José Henrique Fonseca, ex-founding partner of Conspiration Films, producer and director of the Mandrake series, the first HBO series in Brazil, twice nominated for the International Emmy for Best Drama Series in 2006 and 2008. Also director of the feature O Homem Do Ano (2003) and Heleno (2012), the latter being developed in partnership with executive producer Rodrigo Teixeira.

To this end, the producer brings together in its team talented professionals from the market, alternating between the already awarded experience and the inventiveness of the new generations. They are directors, producers, photographers, visual and multimedia artists, graphic designers, illustrators and screenwriters who always seek the best result.

Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Zola Films was founded in 2012 by actress Cláudia Abreu, executive producer Eduardo Pop and José Henrique Fonseca with the principle of producing entertainment that respects the intelligence of the public; works that seek boldness, charm, innovation, impact (in all genres and formats) and that are impervious to vulgarity and bad taste.

Always acting in tune with the public and paying attention to each work developed, Zola Films is proud to be a handcrafted producer and to have as one of its brands the delivery of dense and unique entertainment.