Men are from Mars and that’s where I’m heading



On the third season, Fernanda and her husband are having relationship issues, and they decide to try a different approach to marriage: each one living separately from the other. Fernanda wonders if they still love each other or if they’re living off the memories of the feelings they once had.
Enters Caetano, a man embodying a fascinating proposition: older and successful, he’s already raised his children and is now a free man; and also Pedro, a fiery lover that is also a complicated proposition, forcing Fernanda to exert tolerance, wisdom and self-control - skills that are required for living a mature love story.
These comings and goings show us a down-to-earth, pragmatic side to Fernanda, while retaining her innate optimism regarding that which matters most to her, facing her challenges with her usual joy and sunny mood.

  • GenreRomantic Comedy
  • Series / Fiction / TV
  • ChannelGNT
  • Years of Production2014, 2015 e 2016

Cast & Crew

  • Cast Monica Martelli , Luiz Salem, Andre Frateschi, Maria Julia Lima, Gustavo Machado, Alice Borges, Kika Kalache
  • Directed by Suzana Garcia
  • Produced by Adilson Xavier, Eduardo Pop e José Henrique Fonseca
  • Executive Producer Betina Paulon, Beto Bruno, Camila Cecchi e Joana Nin
  • Production Managers Mariana Cassa
  • Screenwriters Emanuel Aragão, Julia Lordello e Suzana Garcia
  • Music Fabiano Krieger, Lucas Marcier e Plinio Profeta,
  • Editing Leonardo Gouvea, Moema Pombo e Paulão de Barros
  • Production Designers Monica Costa
  • Cinematography João Pádua
  • Costume Designer Antonio Frajado
  • Casting Marcela Altberg