Reason of my vengefulness


Adapted from Cláudia Tajes’ novel with the same title, the series shows the transformation of Sara Xerxes, a simple woman in charge of running her family’s laundry shop Vesúvio, into a seductive and deadly woman seeking vengeance by her own means.
In vengeance, Sara finds what she needed to reinvigorate herself as a woman. A life usually limited to dodging her father Onofre’s complains and schemes with his new wife Jéssica while managing a perennially-deserted laundry shop begins to take off as Sara starts putting her vengeful plans in motion. As her confidant and sidekick in carrying out her schemes, Sara counts on cross-dresser Rildo, her coworker.

  • GenreComedy
  • Series / Fiction / TV
  • ChannelMultishow
  • Year of Production2013

Cast & Crew

  • Cast Camila Morgado, André Gonçalves, Pedro Paulo Rangel, Márcia Cabrita, Direção Geral: Izabel Jaguaribe
  • Chief Director Izabel Jaguaribe
  • Directed by Hsu Chien
  • Produced by José Henrique Fonseca e Luiz Noronha
  • Executive Producer Samanta Moraes
  • Production Manager Cacala Carvana
  • Screenwriters Valério Campos, Fernando Ceylão, Gustavo Bragança e Aurélio Aragão
  • Music Dado Villa Lobos
  • Editing Joana Ventura, Maria Altberg e Yan Motta
  • Production Designer Rafael Targat
  • Cinematography Dante Belluti
  • Costume Designer Valéria Stefani
  • Casting Marcela Altberg