Merveilleuse! Picky people


Claude and his faithful sidekick Batista are shown a video denouncing a notoriously “picky" person. The duo’s challenge consist in “converting the picky”, and Claude will need his skills to create a dish specially designed to make the “picky" individual face up to his/her own eating grievances.

  • GenreCooking
  • Series / doc-Reality / TV
  • ChannelGNT
  • Year of Production2015

Cast & Crew

  • Cast Claude Troisgros
  • Directed by Ric Ostrower e Ligia Feliciano
  • Produced by Eduardo Pop e Luiz Noronha
  • Executive Producers Betina Paulon e Beto Bruno
  • Production Managers Cacala Carvala e Jenifer Marques
  • Screenwriter Adriana Xavier
  • Editing Nani Garcia, Carolina Abreu, Rená Tardin e Duda Benevides
  • Production Designer Gabriella Valverde
  • Cinematography Everaldo Xavier
  • Costume Designer Julia Melo