Merveilleuse! Kid chefs


Whoever said kids are not supposed to play in the kitchen? In the ‘Que Marravilha! Chefinhos’ (Merveilleuse! Kid chefs) show, presented by chef Claude Troisgros, the children have the power. After facing families fond of their most traditional recipes, Claude and his faithful sidekick Batista will have to channel every bit of their inner child.

  • GenreCooking
  • Series / Reality TV-Documentary / TV
  • ChannelGNT
  • Year of Production2016

Cast & Crew

  • Cast Claude Troisgros
  • Chief Director Snir Wein
  • Directed by Fernanda Rondon
  • Produced by Adilson Xavier e Eduardo Pop
  • Executive Producers Betina Paulo, Beto Bruno e Camila Cecchi
  • Production Manager Bianca Canedo
  • Screenwriters Flavia Erthal, Maria Clara Mattos e Diego dos Anjos
  • Editing Duda Benevides, Clarice Mittelman, Welington Dutra
  • Production Designer Gabriella Valverde
  • Cinematography Marcio Zavareze
  • Costume Designer Julia Melo