Our Health Out There


Straight from California, USA, actress and host Maria Paula is in charge of “Saúde Por Aí”. As the name suggests, the show is a light and fun approach to “our health out there", introducing the audience to some alternative therapeutic techniques and debating current issues that people face in their daily search for a healthier lifestyle.

  • GenreHealth
  • Series / Documentary / TV
  • ChannelGNT
  • Year of Production2014

Cast & Crew

  • Cast Maria Paula
  • Directed by Izabel Jaguaribe
  • Produced by José Henrique Fonseca e Luiz Noronha
  • Executive Producers Mariana Ricciardi e Samanta Moraes
  • Production Manager Endyara Mendonça
  • Screenwriter Clarissa Ramalho
  • Cinematography Marcos Oliveira dos Santos