Style Exchange




Every week, Gaby Amarantos hosts two women that fit the description of good friends who dislike each other’s style. After listening to what the women have to say, a trio of beauty specialists will jump into action. Fashion consultants Paula Martins and Chris Francini take turns in offering new clothing options, while makeup artist Sadi Consati is tasked with creating new facial contours and highlights; hair stylist Paula Ferrary is in charge of hairdos.

  • GenreFashion
  • Series / Reality TV - Documentary / TV
  • ChannelDiscovery
  • Year of Production:2015 / 2016

Cast & Crew

  • Cast Gaby Amarantos
  • Directed by Andrea Cassola
  • Produced by Adilson Xavier e Eduardo Pop
  • Executive Producers Betina Paulon, Beto Bruno, Camila Cecchi
  • Production Manager Tate Abrahão
  • Screenwriter Vinícius de La Rocha
  • Production Designer Cassio Amarantes
  • Cinematography Rodrigo Menck
  • Costume Designer Andrea Tuyama